Comunello Sliding & Cantilever Gates

In residential and industrial contexts actuators from the Fort series provide an attractive and intelligent solution.

The on-board control panel provides access to a vast range of features including obstacle detection and programmable operation times.

The receiver is built in to the control panel. The motor support bushings guarantee silent movement even under full load.

  • Design with great attention to detail.
  • Key unlocking system with aluminium handle.
  • Easy accessible on-board control unit.
  • Height and flatness adjustment.
  • Die-cast aluminium motor support.
  • Available with electromechanical or magnetic limit switch.

FORT 400 (400 KG/24V) & FORT 500 (500 KG/230V)

FORT 600 (600 KG/24V) & FORT 700 (700 KG/230V)

FORT 1000 (1000KG/24V or 230V) & FORT 1500 (1500 KG/230V)

FORT 3500 (3500KG/230VDC or 380VAC)

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