Comunello Swing Gates

Condor is a line of impact-resistant articulated arm actuators designed to perform to the highest standards in all weathers.

Provided with a shock-proof basement and a die-cast alloy arm, it is constructed to guarantee absolute security in case of emergency as well as maximum power output from elevated torque. The new control panel performs to the highest standards and provides simple automated/semi-automated programming of the end-stop positions. Easy and practical to install, these actuators are the ideal solution for heavy use situations.

Condor 500 is an ambidextrous, robust and compact articulated arm actuator, suitable for mounting on large columns. Condor 500 S is a robust, compact, ambidextrous articulated arm actuator with on-board control unit, suitable for mounting on narrow pillars starting from 120 mm. Both the 500 and 500 S is equipped with double limit switches in both opening and closing.

Different articulated arms are available to adapt the automation to a wide range of installation dimensions and assembly needs.

CONDOR 220 (2.2m / 150 Kg; 1m / 250 Kg)

CONDOR 350 (3.5m / 225 Kg; 1.5m / 350 Kg)

CONDOR 500 (5m / 400 Kg; 3.25m / 500 Kg)

CONDOR 500 S (2.5m / 250 Kg; 1m / 500 Kg)

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