Comunello Barrier Gates

Electromechanical barrier Border 400 for openings up to 4 m in width.

The highest levels of security and top performances are guaranteed by the safe and removable control unit, the light and strong beam and an engine with metal gearings.

Slowing starting spots are adjustable mechanically by micro-switch and cams and allow opening and closing with brakings reliable and steady over time.

  • Ambidextrous bar support in die-cast aluminium.
  • Manual unlocking system available from both sides by aluminium handle.
  • Sturdy steel frame with protective treatment.
  •  Start of the slowdown process phases adjustable by dip-switches.
  • Spring anchoring with lubricated spherical eyelet.
  • Easily accessible control unit for proper programming.
  • A single spring and 2 adjustment holes for different bar lengths.

BORDER 400 (24V)

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