Comunello Swing Gates

Products in the Abacus line have a one-piece aluminium housing for the mechanical parts and motors which guarantees durability and security.

These products are designed to be long-lasting and perform to the highest standards in all weathers and are built to provide optimum security and reliability.

The internal gearing is made from innovative materials for quiet movement. Abacus products are simple to install and maintain.

  • Design with great attention to detail.
  • Manual unlocking system with aluminium handle.
  • Bronze spinning axle box.
  • Metallic gear reducer and bearings.
  • Multiple-start worm screw.
  • Aluminium monobloc casing with epoxy powder painting.
  • Adjustable aluminium limit switches available in mechanical or electronic version.

ABACUS 220 (2.2m / 200 Kg; 1.2m / 300 Kg)

ABACUS 300 (3m / 300 Kg; 1.5m / 500 Kg)

ABACUS 500 (5m / 220 Kg; 2m / 500 Kg)

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